Chocies Not Chances

Choices not Chances Ryan and I discussed combat mindset, training and my forthcoming book, Tough, Rugged Bastards.

December 12, 2023
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"This is an awesome conversation between retired Marine Master Sergeant John Dailey and I. John, and I talk about a myriad of different topics. John is a grunt, a Scout Sniper, a graduate of Ranger School, a leader in 1st Force Recon, and specifically the Team Leader of Marines involved in an ambush south of Kandahar in 2001, which was the first Marines in a decisive engagement in the entire Afghan campaign. John was instrumental in the inception and development of MARSOC. John talks in depth about his experiences not only with the teams but also with situations he experienced while in the Fleet Marine Corps and Marine Security Guard (MSG) duty. He speaks about Budapest, Turkey when the Berlin Wall came down. He talks about Scout Sniper School and a wicked prank that was played on him by the other guys at the school. John remains involved with MARSOC and is publishing a book called “Tough Rugged Bastards” about a lot of the experiences outlined in the interview. John edits for the Lethal Minds Journal, he has a Substack called Think, Read, Write, Repeat at jdailey.substack.com as well as an upcoming Substack called Ruck the Fuck Up at RTFU.Substack.com"


Why now?

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”
- Epictetus

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