Walking Point is a coaching program for those
willing to work hard and commit to

Get Better at

Getting Better

You can’t realize your potential or reach your destination by following someone else’s path. You have to break the trail.You have to walk point, but I can help.

I felt like I couldn’t grow until I moved to Opus. Now I am encouraged to sell more with them.

Frank Dublin
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Who I work with:

I’m ready to
break through.

I’ve always been a high achiever,  but I’ve reached a level where the things that made me successful are no longer enough. I need a strategy to push beyond my plateau.

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I’m ready to

I’ve been promoted because I’m great at my job, but now I’m in a real leadership role for the first time. I need help building a leadership tool kit to thrive in my new role.

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I’m ready to
invest in success.

I lead a good team, but know we could be great with some help.  I’m willing to invest in our success.

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How It Works
Step 1

Identify your Strategic Objectives.

Step 2

Develop a Navigation Plan.

Step 3

Start Walking Point.

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Navigate to your objectives

Find your
Southern Cross

Where you are is wildly unimportant if you don’t know where you are going. The first step is to find your Southern Cross, a navigational aid composed of your transformational strategic objectives.

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When the going gets tough

Build Mental Resilience

Even with a solid plan, it is hard to stick with it. It is even harder after the initial burst of motivation wears off. I focus on helping you dig a well of mental resilience that you can draw from when the path gets hard.

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Stay on target

Tactical Battle Drills

When you are forging a new path it’s easy to lose your way. It’s tempting to take a shortcut, but you know the shortcut won't get you to your destination. I’ll help you develop and implement the tactical battle drills that will allow you to respond while staying on target.

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John Dailey is the author of the forthcoming combat memoir

Tough Rugged Bastards

John’s memoir of his experiences as a Team Leader in the Marine’s first Special Operations Command unit and their volatile 2004 deployment to Iraq will be available in August 2024.

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What Our Clients Say

"One of the most remarkable aspects of John's coaching is his ability to instill a sense of purpose and direction. With his insightful coaching style, he encouraged me to explore my passions and set meaningful goals. Through thought-provoking conversations, he helped me gain clarity on my life's path, not only in my writing journey but also in various other aspects of my life."

Willy Pascua

"John’s approach to high-performance coaching is valuable from the start. The clarity and sense of direction I gained from working with John have helped me to stay relevant in my work, exceed my clients’ expectations, and create new opportunities for growth with projects that matter. If you’re stuck or have lost your way, reach out to John to get moving again in the right direction."

Dr. Rita Chorba

"Thank you for your guidance over the last year. You challenged me, called B.S. on me and, were tough, and fair, just like my DI was in 1993.

I needed it then, and still need it now.

THANK YOU for investing decades of leadership experience in me."

Brandon Wilson
Sr. Manager Advance Auto Parts
Our Founder
I’ve been leading and developing teams for no-fail missions for over 35 years.

While leading a Marine Force Reconnaissance Platoon in Afghanistan in the days after 9/11 I truly saw elite-level performance on demand. It is not a matter of some having it and some not, it is that some can see the destination and are willing to walk the hard path to reach it.

I’m leveraging the lessons learned from over 21 years of active duty special operations experience and 15 years spent training America’s elite Marine Raiders to help you get better at getting better and start Walking Point. 
John Dailey
Owner of Walking Point, LLC.

The Guarantee

If I’m not the right coach for you I’ll fire myself and refund your investment.

If you put in the work you will see results. Hard work works for those who work hard.

I'm Ready to Work Hard
Why now?

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?”
- Epictetus

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