Work hard and win.

1:1 Coaching

Walking point is about realizing you will never reach
your destination by following someone else’s path.
You have to break the trail, but I can help.

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In the military, on every mission someone has to walk point, leading the patrol towards its objective, scouting the route, looking out for obstacles, ambushes, and boobytraps.  

But in our lives, each of us must walk point. Each of us is responsible for the direction we head, the path we choose, the shortcuts we accept - and their consequences.

If you try to follow someone else through life you will arrive at their destination, not your own. If you wander aimlessly, you get lost.      

The first step is to commit to taking point, then identify your objective. Once you know where you are headed you can plot a course to get you there.

It won't be quick and it won't be easy, but it will be worth it... and I can help.

What you get:

• 1 x foundational session to determine your starting position and plan a route to your objective

• 6 x biweekly coaching sessions over 3 months, working through three phases: Orientation, Decision, and Action

• A personal Navigation Plan to track your progress

• Detailed post-session report, and strategic action item tracker to help you build a basic daily routine- to keep you on azimuth and moving forward

• Handpicked resources and reading list

• Support between sessions - email, text and limited phone calls

• Investment = $3,600

The Program is designed to start where you are and get you walking point.

Who do I work with?

My focus has been on working with elite special operations personnel and and ultra endurance athletes, but I have started offering the same coaching support to collegiate athletes, businesses professionals, and anyone who is serious about cultivating disciplined excellence in their lives.

Who won’t I work with?

Self development is hard, and I can’t do it for you. If you aren’t committed, disciplined, and ready to change, look elsewhere. If you can’t show up on time, prepared, and ready to work, I’m not for you.

*Contact us about discounted rates for veterans, educators, and law enforcement.

Our Promises:

• Provide clients with a plan of attack.

• Fill up the leadership toolbox.

• Determine immediate, intermediate, and long-range objectives.

• We will work as hard as you will.

John Dailey